About C-AIR

The University of Tsukuba has established the Center for Artificial Intelligence Research (C-AIR) to foster groundbreaking research projects in the field of Artificial Intelligence. This center works as a hub for Interdisciplinary Research, fostering cooperation between different departments in the university, centered around the application of interdisciplinary Big Data.

In particular, the center promotes the research of “Human-supporting Artificial Intelligence” for the realization of the next generation smart communities. To this end, C-AIR forms a spiral from basic scientific research to practical and industrial applications, which is achieved through the collaboration with various research institutes and companies.

Research Activities

The Center consists of the "Artificial Intelligence Fundamental Research Division" and the "Project Research Division. The Artificial Intelligence Research Division mainly conducts research in fundamental fields such as machine learning, mathematical algorithms, big data, cloud computing, and privacy protection. In addition to these, research on service engineering and human technology will be conducted on fundamental technologies that support applications.

Introduction of Researchers

Public Relations