The University of Tsukuba opened the Center for Artificial Intelligence Research (C-AIR) in April 2017 to promote advanced research and education on AI. This center supports and organizes the activities and collaborations between AI research groups from different fields in the University, promoting the interdisciplinarity which is key to the University of Tsukuba’s research vision. In this sense, this center will work as a hub to mediate the cross sectional network of Research Centers and AI research projects within the University of Tsukuba.

In particular, through collaboration with the Center for Cybernics Research, International Center for Integrated Sleep Medical Science, Center for Computational Science, Center for Future Social Engineering Development, and Precision Medicine Development Research Center, among others, we aim to explore new areas of research related to the theme “Human-supporting Artificial Intelligence”. Our work draws a spiral of projects which begin at basic scientific research, and reaches to applied and industrial research, contributing to the creation of new values and the realization of the future super smart-society.


Center for Artificial Intelligence Research(C-AIR)

Development of a base for Big Data utilization

Using the Interdisciplinary Character of our university, we will build a Big Data Utilization base through a network with each research center.

Development of AI technologies employing the power of Supercomputing

Through the collaboration with the Center for Computational Sciences of our university, we will develop large scale data analysis tools for Artificial Intelligence.

Use of the Tsukuba Area as an Empirical Model City

Application of new technologies in Tsukuba as an Empirical Model City through the collaborative network with national research institutes and enterprises.

Development of New Human Resources for AI and Data Analysis

Develop new human resources capable of deploying high level knowledge of AI and data analysis technologies to real world applications. We conduct education through research activities to members of society in industries, etc.