Message from the Director

Tetsuya Sakurai

The Center for Artificial Intelligence Research (C-AIR) was founded in April, 2017. Because modern research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) requires the collaboration of different fields, and leads to diverse applications in society, it was necessary for the university to construct a structure to facilitate cross-disciplinary research and education activities.

At this center, we employ the interdisciplinary nature of our university to assemble a network of research centers and research projects from different fields, conducting basic and applied research on AI. We also actively pursue industry-university collaboration initiatives in order to allow the AI technology developed on campus to provide concrete benefits to society.

It is also an important task to foster new human resources capable of developing AI and advanced knowledge of data analysis and putting it into practical applications. In this sense, we plan to develop activities that contribute to improving the research skills of researchers at companies and other members of society.

April, 2017
Tetsuya Sakurai
Director of Center for Artificial Intelligence Research, Univerisity of Tsukuba